Will users receive Auto Friend Notifications?

Will users receive Auto Friend Notifications?

Yes, users will receive auto friend notifications.


They can navigate through the notification to look at the list.

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      BuddyPress Auto Friends is a simple BuddyPress add-on which gives the site admin an option to select common friends for all the members. These common friends get added as a friend automatically whenever any new member signs up to the online ...
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      Admin can add a user to be a global/common friend of all newly registered members on the website by navigating through: Dashboard >> WB Plugins >> Auto Friends >> General  Note that adding a user to this list will automatically create friendship ...
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      Features of the plugin are as follow: Admin can add users from the back end whom he wants to be an automatic friend of every user on the website. As soon as the member register and login to the site he will get notification displaying that “5 friends ...