Profile Group Fields Options

Profile Group Fields Options

We have created lots of fields type and you are free to add new fields to each field groups under Fields Settings section in plugin's admin settings.

Plugin's admin settings: Fields Settings Section
The fields setting section helps in setting Field Types under each Profile Group. On the right side of the page, Add New Field form is provided using which a new field can be added easily.

The plugin provides following available field types :
  1. Textbox
  2. Textarea
  3. Select
  4. Year Dropdown
  5. Textbox and Dropdown Combination
  6. Google Place Autocomplete
  7. Calendar
  8. Selectize ( Multi-Select Option )
  9. Checkbox
  10. Radio Button
  11. Email
  12. Phone Number
  13. URL
  14. Image
You can create any number of fields and add them inside any field sections. 

Field Settings Option

Field Title: Site admin can set the field title for the field. Saved field title will be shown at Extended Fields tab ( tab at BuddyPress profile page where site members can set up their profile groups.) and BuddyPress Profile View tab.

Field Type: The type of the field can be selected from available field types for eg. textbox, textarea, dropdown, checkbox etc. The type of the filed can also be changed, so you can either delete or create the new field or just edit the existing information for a new field type.

Display: Admin can enable/disable fields availability at any point in time. The setting lets admin select whether he/she wants to make particular field available to members for creating their data.

Required: With the help of this option, admin can make particular field data filling mandatory for members. For eg. Date of Birth can be a field and admin can make it required for all members to fill up this field data.

Repeater: This option can be used when you need your users to insert similar information, such as adding multiple phone numbers, images or another type of details.

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