Front-End User Options for PeepSo wpForo Addon Plugin

Front-End User Options

Visit frontend on the PeepSo user profile page.

wpForo Activity Settings

Wbcom PeepSo wpForo addon plugin provides wpForo activity settings to all users.

If the user enables 'add activity when new topic created' setting, then a new activity will create when the user creates a new topic.

If the user enables 'add activity when new reply created' setting, then a new activity will create when the user creates a new reply.

wpForo Tabs

1. wpForo Profile: This tab displays wpForo Profile content in PeepSo user profile page.

2. wpForo Account: This tab displays wpForo Account on PeepSo user profile page. You can manage your wpForo account in this section.

3. wpForo Activity: This tab displays wpForo activities on PeepSo user profile page.

4. wpForo Subscription: This tab displays user's wpForo subscriptions on PeepSo user profile page.

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